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After You Sign

Organizing your contracts in one place is a challenge. Answering questions about what's in them is even harder. We can help.

Curating and organizing contracts are not core to your business, but they are to ours. With our LegalSifter Organize® services, our contract administration team becomes your contract administration team. We'll identify risks, help you manage your revenues, and keep your contract data clean. We'll do all of this on top of the contract lifecycle management (CLM) system of your choice; if you don't have one, we'll give you ours for free.
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CLM Is Not Enough

  • Buying contract lifecycle management (CLM) software and administering it on your own is the wrong strategy for most. You don't have the time or the expertise to get clean accurate data into the system and ensure the upkeep and administration of ongoing contracts.

  • Newer CLM auto-extraction features deliver contract data that is only 10-60% accurate. That’s going to lead to more internal effort to clean and verify the data, sub-optimal business decisions, and increased risk.

  • We'll organize your contracts on your chosen CLM or we'll give you ours for free.

Does your company suffer from revenue leakage? Our solutions can help.

Risky contracts
Clients want to understand if a client exposes them to hidden indemnities, unlimited liability, and one-sided legal terms and conditions.
Data Use
Clients want to know if they can use their client's data for research and development purposes.
Missing dates
Clients are frustrated with disorganized, hard-to-find contracts that leave them missing renewal dates with their suppliers, partners, and customers. They want all of their contracts parent-child mapped with the correct dates triggering alerts and reports.
Assignment and Change of Control
Clients want to know which contracts are freely assignable and what happens in the event of a change of control. 
Obligation Management
Clients struggle to understand and manage the obligations buried in the terms and conditions of their supplier, partner, and customer agreements.

Contract Storage

  • I don’t know where our contracts are
  • It takes too long to find what I’m looking for in them

Spend less time looking for contracts.

  • For those who are looking for a place to centralize the secure storing, organizing, and searching for all your contracts, our LegalSifter Control platform includes a repository with unlimited users and storage. 

  • We will include our LegalSifter Control repository at no charge with any Contract Control Program that includes LegalSifter Organize services.

Know What You Sign

  • What risks are we exposed to? 

  • What obligations are buried in the T&Cs?

  • We missed another key contract date.

  • Which contracts are freely assignable? Are we leaving money on the table by not tracking rebates and discounts in our contracts?

Our solutions give you the visibility you need to make better decisions.

  • Getting all your legacy contracts and data into any repository is a significant undertaking. Do you have the people and expertise to make it happen? We do. And we’ll guarantee that the data is at least 99% accurate.

  • AI-powered contract data extraction is a game changer. We know. We've been doing it for years. What we've learned is that AI can only get you so far when it comes to organizing contracts and delivering clean accurate metadata. For data you can trust, you need "humans-in-the-loop".

LegalSifter Organize can take care of that.

  • Once you have clean accurate data, you need easy-to-use dashboards and analytics to know who you do business with, what you've signed, and be notified of key dates and obligations. If you don't have that ability in your current tools, we can include LegalSifter Control, our easy-to-use contract management platform.

Program Administration

We can help keep your contract data clean and your users, reports, alerts, and workflows effectively managed.

  • Our services team has expertise in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) implementation, configuration, and administration. We include that as part of LegalSifter Organize.
  • Organizing and cleaning the data for the incoming streams of newly signed contracts can get out of control without the administration's capacity to keep it all under control. LegalSifter Organize allows you to focus on your most important work by leaving the contract administration to our Combined Intelligence® approach.
Health care manufacturer and distributor

Case Study: LegalSifter administers over 125,000 contracts for $20B healthcare manufacturer and distributor.

Our client needed to structure the unique rebate and discount schedules buried in thousands of agreements, impacting millions of dollars in annual revenues and costs. They subscribed to LegalSifter Organize and we included a repository with unlimited users, configured it for dozens of contract types, mapped amendments to parent agreements, set ongoing reports and alerts, and will sift and organize over  8.7 million fields of data over eight years while our client runs their business.

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