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LegalSifter Review®

Flexible self-service and full-service AI contract review.

Review and negotiate your contracts with our AI contract review software, or our lawyers will do it for you when you don't have the time.

Not Enough Time

Your Pains:

  • Late nights and weekends
  • Slowing down the organization.
  • Low-value contracts getting in the way of strategic work


Our Cure:

  • AI Sifters trained to accurately read and understand contracts in seconds
  • Expert guidance that flags risks and makes recommendations for your negotiation
  • Have our Sifting Services team review and redline your contracts on demand


Your Pains:

  • Signing things you shouldn't
  • Focusing on the wrong clauses and terms 
  • No time to create our playbooks 


Our Cure:

  • Include guidance from contract experts out of the box or configure playbooks for your specific contracts and positions


Your Pains:

  • Ongoing training needs due to high turnover
  • Capturing our guidance and disseminating it to the business

Our Cure:

  • Our AI sifters never get tired, go on vacation, or get distracted when reviewing contracts
  • Get higher 1st pass yields with junior contract teams
  • Enable the business to do more contract work themselves without increasing risk

What our clients are saying

I just did my first sift on an NDA, and it worked great! In under 10 minutes, I sifted the contract, marked it up with suggested changes, and sent it to the client.

How it Works

Negotiate counterparty contracts with confidence. LegalSifter Review's guidance, written by our contract experts or yours, stops you from accepting risky provisions.

Choose a solution that fits your needs

LegalSifter Review Essentials

Try for free
  • Includes "out of the box" contract AI and guidance on contract types
  • Collaborate with your team on reviews and negotiations
  • Activity reporting
  • Unlimited free training

LegalSifter Review Contract Control ProgramTM

try for free
  • Essentials AI and guidance plus the ability to customize your playbooks and guidance
  • No code configuration of Sifters and playbook guidance
  • Full access to Sifter Library
  • Admin training and assistance in configuring your playbooks
  • Workflow integrations
  • Access to LegalSifter redlining services
  • Brand for your organization

Optional Transportation Package

  • Includes broker, shipper, and carrier contract guidance
  • Developed by experts in the field
Sign safe contracts…in less time
Consistently create and/or negotiate low-risk, high-quality contracts that reduce the back-and-forth and protect you and your company.
AI that negotiates for you
If you are a buyer negotiating on supplier paper, you will save time by setting up LegalSifter Review to do the first round of negotiation with the other party for you.
Human Expertise
We provide playbooks that include global best practices and guidance, many written by the leading expert on contract language, international bestselling author, speaker, and LegalSifter's Chief Content Officer, Ken Adams.
Have time for your most important work
Automate or outsource low-value, high-volume work to reduce the time it takes to review, negotiate, and analyze contracts and free up time for more strategic and important work.

Onboarding is simple and proven

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Negotiate contracts confidently with AI software that includes comprehensive guidance.​

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