Our Sifters


Built on the experience of tens of thousands of people, our Sifters are trained to read text and look for a specific concept. They read novel language, learn from experience, and improve over time.

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Our Sifters use natural language processing and machine learning.

  • The dog is brown.

  • They call him Charlie. 

  • Charlie is a Labrador retriever. 

  • The brown puppy is named Charlie.

People use different words to describe the same thing. The variety makes language interesting ... and legal documents painful to read.


Our Sifters use two types of artificial intelligence to solve this problem: machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). 


NLP teaches computers to interpret human language as written, regardless of style. Our Sifters use NLP to convert text into meaning. 


We train our Sifters with machine learning to identify a specific concept like a consequential damages waiver. Our lawyers find hundreds or thousands of examples of a specific concept. Our Data Science team uses machine learning to find the intangible thread that binds the writing of lots of lawyers, all with their own grammatical flair. 

As more of our clients use the Sifters, they improve. Our Sifter Trainer, for example, retrains Sifters within 5 days of receiving client feedback.

AI eyes to look over your shoulder.


A Sifter reviews your document to find an important concept that demands attention or is missing entirely.

Sifting for a Temination for Convenience clause

Termination for Convenience or Any Reason

Read faster.


Navigate text quickly with Sifters that make you a faster reader.

Sifting for a Payment Terms clause

Payment Terms

Always learning.


Feedback from our clients makes our Sifters smarter every week. 

Sifting for a Confidential Information Definition Exception clause

Confidential Information Definition Exception: Publicly Available

Hundreds of Sifters in our large, growing library.

We launch new Sifters into our library for LegalSifter and ContractSifter clients every week.

A few examples include the following:

  • Assignment or Transfer

  • Audits and Inspections of Books and Records

  • Automatic Renewal

  • Change of Control

  • Confidential Information Definition

  • Disputed Invoices

  • Events of Default

  • Export Control

  • Force Majeure

  • GDPR: Duration of Data Processing

  • Go Dark Clause

  • Governing Law

  • Insurance: Additional Insured

Colorful Sifter Library
  • Intellectual Property: Transfer

  • Jurisdiction

  • Leases: Base Rent Rate

  • Leases: Utilities Responsibility

  • Liquidated Damages

  • Medicare Books and Records Access

  • No Soliciting Employees

  • Payment Terms

  • Recall or Withdrawal

  • Software: No Unlawful Use

  • Software: Warranty of Function

  • Termination Assistance

  • Title and Risk of Loss