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Ken Adams Talks to Alex Hamilton about What's Wrong with Contracts.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Watch here -

In this episode of the "City of Contracts" podcast, Ken Adams speaks with Alex Hamilton, CEO of Radiant Law. Ken has long sought Alex's advice on what's wrong with contracts and how to fix it; this podcast is more of the same, but in public!  

Alex Hamilton is the CEO and founder of Radiant Law, the UK-based award-winning NewLaw firm. 

Alex is focused on improving the contracting process for clients, leading product and tech development. He also regularly talks and writes on improving contracting, LawTech and the changing legal industry. He has led a number of projects that have been recognised by the FT’s Innovative Lawyer Awards.

Before founding Radiant Law, he was a Partner at Latham & Watkins and co-Chair of Latham & Watkins’ global Technology Transactions Group.

Thank you Alex for joining us for this conversation.

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