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Davidson College Alumni Partner to Empower In-House Counsel with AI Technology


The legal industry is undergoing a transformation, with technology playing an increasingly crucial role in reshaping how legal teams manage and leverage contracts. At the forefront of this revolution are two accomplished Davidson College alumni, Kevin Miller and Kevin O'Nell. Class of 1995 graduates, Miller, an attorney, and O'Nell, an early-stage tech veteran, have united their vision and expertise at LegalSifter to implement artificial intelligence (AI) technology that empowers in-house counsel to leverage contracts as a strategic asset.

Unleashing the Power of AI for In-House Counsel 

Kevin MillerKevin Miller, a seasoned attorney with a wealth of legal experience, understands the unique challenges faced by in-house counsel. Recognizing the immense potential of AI technology, Miller has dedicated the last 10 years to implementing innovative solutions that streamline legal processes and help in-house counsel drive business results.

 By leading LegalSifter, Miller brings his legal expertise to the forefront, enabling in-house counsel to leverage AI-powered tools that revolutionize their day-to-day operations at organizations such as Marqeta and DataDog. Through LegalSifter's cutting-edge AI technology, attorneys at these corporations can now automate time-consuming tasks such as contract review, document analysis, and regulatory compliance. By liberating in-house counsel from mundane administrative work, Miller's aim is to empower legal professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and high-impact legal work that drives increased revenue while lowering business risk.

Entrepreneurial Vision for Legal Innovation

Kevin OnellWith a passion for entrepreneurship and a keen eye for identifying opportunities, Kevin O'Nell complements Miller's legal expertise with his visionary approach to rolling out new technology. O'Nell understands that legal technology has the power to transform how businesses operate from sales to finance, and he welcomed the opportunity to join the team and leverage his experience in venture capital, banking and early-stage SaaS companies.

“Contracts are incredibly valuable documents. When digitized, and combined with AI technology they become a great way for organizations to capture additional revenue and lower risk.” - Kevin O'Nell

 At LegalSifter, O'Nell and Miller collaborate to bring these solutions to organizations throughout the world. Together, they are working to deliver on LegalSifter’s vision of a future where legal professionals can leverage technology to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and unlock valuable insights from vast amounts of legal data.

“The aim is to empower in-house counsel to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and drive successful outcomes for their organizations.” - Kevin Miller

 Kevin Miller and Kevin O'Nell can be reached at or

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