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Let Us Do Your Sifting

Yes, we’re the only artificial-intelligence company using both technology and expertise to solve problems in the contract review process. But we know you’re more interested in the ends than the means. So let me tell you about LegalSifter Review Concierge.

LegalSifter Review helps with contract review by “sifting” draft contracts and telling you whether provisions addressing a range of issues are present or absent. It also offers advice. But we hear from some actual and potential customers that they don’t particularly want to be the ones doing the sifting. That’s why we now offer LegalSifter Review Concierge. (“Concierge” tells you we’re the ones operating our technology for you.)

One of our LegalSifter Review Concierge clients is Spera Law Group, based in New Orleans. When he approached us, Andrew Legrand of Spera Law Group told us that like any law firm, their workload includes some lower-value, higher-volume work. Naturally, they want to focus on higher-value work. Also, Andrew wanted to deliver work to his clients more quickly.

Andrew explained that they could hire someone to do the lower-value work, but currently they don’t have enough of that work to make it cost-effective to hire someone to do it full-time. And even if they did have enough of that work, Andrew isn’t sure he’d want his firm to do it, and he would have trouble turning the workaround as quickly as LegalSifter does. “It makes sense to have commodity work done by whoever is best equipped to do it.”

What first convinced Spera Law Group to use LegalSifter Review is the combination of technology and expertise. According to Andrew, “Because Ken Adams’s expertise is built into the AI, we were more willing to make the leap of faith that’s required if you’re going to rely on technology.”

Now Spera Law Group is counting on LegalSifter to be well placed to do their sifting and deliver results faster than they could. If you’d like to see whether LegalSifter Review Concierge is for you, please contact us.


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