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SifterCares Program Increases Charitable Contributions in 2021 by over 50%

Pittsburgh, PA, February 2, 2022

At the end of December 2021, LegalSifter®️ made $4450 in charitable contributions as part of the SifterCares program, sharing our success with charities selected by employees.

In 2020, the inaugural year of SifterCares, LegalSifter contributed $2900. With more employees and continued success in the marketplace, contributions in 2021 increased by 53%. Employees spread their contributions to 30 charities. The most popular categories were organizations related to health, hunger, animal welfare and children.

"Giving back to the community, in whatever way our employees imagine, has become a highly anticipated annual tradition at LegalSifter. Our employees know that the program will grow as we continue to create AI + human expertise products to bring affordable legal services to the world," said LegalSifter CEO Kevin Miller.


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