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Got a Question? We’ve got an answer.

Explore our FAQs to find answers to common questions about our practical and powerful contract management solutions.

What is Combined Intelligence?
Combined Intelligence = artificial + human intelligence. We believe that an algorithm plus a person is stronger than either by itself, so we have designed all of our products based upon a "human-in-the-loop" principle. We do not trust the robots to get it right all the time; they make mistakes. (So do the humans, by the way.) We purposefully build our products to incorporate people, accepting that even with the cutting-edge AI used by our products, we will not be able to eliminate humans from the work that we focus on in our business. Thus, we named this concept Combined Intelligence.
Do you offer unlimited free training for your products?
Yes. All of our products include unlimited free training, offered in live online sessions or through self-paced videos, tutorials,  and documentation available in our 24x7x365 Online Help Center, accessible through our software.
How do you handle enhancement requests?
Clients and partners may submit enhancement requests through or directly to their assigned Growth team member. Clients and partners may also request new Sifters specifically with our Sifter Ideas form.
Who are LegalSifter's Combined Intelligence Partners?
LegalSifter partners with six types of organizations through our Combined Intelligence Partner Program: 1) Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software providers. 2) Non-CLM software providers. 3) Law Firms and Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs). 4) Consulting firms. 5) Insurance companies. 6) Other organizations that do not neatly fit into one of the 5 categories above (e.g., bar associations, etc.). In general, we are open to referral, reseller, and other commercial variations of partner relationships. We have built our products to complement and make money for our partners. Click here for a complete list of our partners.
Does LegalSifter Organize include a CLM?
Yes. We can work with any CLM that you have or we will give you ours, LegalSifter Control, for free.
Who is the ideal LegalSifter Organize client?
Any organization tired of administering their own executed contract data should use LegalSifter Organize. Frankly, that's just about everybody. Curating contracts is not core to organizations that bend metal, deliver services, code software, manage government agencies, or manufacture products. In the near future, contract administration as a service will be as normal a thing to buy as outside payroll, IT, HR, cybersecurity, cloud, or any other back-office, non-core function sent outside the four walls of a company today. All of our LegalSifter Organize clients are happy, mostly because they don't have to organize their contracts themselves. Don't buy CLM. Buy contract operations as a service instead. Let contract operations experts organize signed agreements while you run your business.
What is the 99% Data Quality Guarantee?
The top reason clients use LegalSifter Organize is for the peace of mind and efficiencies from organized documents. They expect clean, normalized, parent-child matched, de-duplicated, and usable data. They don't want 13 different versions of "Google, Inc" as counterparties - one misspelled, one with a comma, one with a period, etc. - none of which tie together. We back up our product with a 99%+ Data Quality Guarantee in our subscription agreements. If your data is not at least 99% accurate, we will fix it at no additional cost to you.
Who are the people administering my contracts?
Our Sifting Services team members have (a) an acute attention to detail, (b) great reading comprehension, and (c) a high drive for organization. Sometimes they are lawyers, paralegals, and contract administrators, but sometimes they are people that enjoy putting things in their place. All LegalSifter Organize clients are assigned a dedicated member of our Sifting Services team.
What is a field in LegalSifter Organize?
A Field is is a type of data, such as an address, termination of convenience (yes/silent), contract title, counterparty name, etc. 
What fields of data do clients typically want sifted from their documents?
Clients consistently want four types of data sifted from their documents. "Name, rank, and serial number" fields: All clients want some combination of a group of standard fields like party name, counterparty name, start date, end date, term type, renewal time period, the notice required to stop autorenewal or to exercise the option to renew, fully executed, etc. Legal fields: Force majeure including epidemic, indemnity by a supplier, assignment rights with or without consent, limitation of liability above one year's fees, etc. are just a few of the examples that we see from clients who want to understand more about the legal terms and conditions within their contracts. Business-specific fields: Most clients want to know something about their contracts that is specific to their business. For example, if they sell purple, yellow, and green products, they may want to know the edition of the purple product, the price of the yellow product, and some obligations when delivering the green product. Exploding fields: A few clients need information that is captured in a table of an undefined size. Sometimes the table has two rows and two columns with four pieces of data. Sometimes the table has twenty rows and twenty columns with four hundred pieces of data. We call these fields exploding fields, as the extraction effort may explode from one contract to another.  
How do I migrate my old contracts?
You will collect them and transfer them to us securely. We will agree with you on the fields of data that you would like to sift from your agreements, do a test sift of 25 or so documents, and then sift the information from the rest of your contracts using our Sifting Services team. We will deliver all of your old contract data to you in a spreadsheet called a Sifting File. You will review and approve the Sifting File then our team will migrate all your documents and data into the contract repository. 
I already have a CLM and like it, but my documents are a mess. May I still purchase LegalSifter Organize?
Yes. LegalSifter Organize is a service that can be used with any Contract Lifecycle Management software on the market. Our Sifting Services team can your inside your chosen application.
Can LegalSifter benchmark contract clauses, i.e. compare the clause language of a contract with the industry standard language?
Yes, LegalSifter Review is configured with best-practice guidance for many business-as-usual contracts. We have engaged subject matter experts and attorneys to provide out-of-the-box guidance and language built for your specific role in the negotiation (e.g., landlord vs. tenant, buyer vs. seller, etc.). LegalSifter Organize is consistently used by our clients to understand what they have signed historically. Clients use that information for multiple reasons, one of which is to benchmark their own performance against industry-standard language or their internal negotiation playbooks.

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