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Explore our FAQs to find answers to common questions about our practical and powerful contract management solutions.

What is Combined Intelligence?
Combined Intelligence = artificial + human intelligence. We believe that an algorithm plus a person is stronger than either by itself, so we have designed all of our products based upon a "human-in-the-loop" principle. We do not trust the robots to get it right all the time; they make mistakes. (So do the humans, by the way.) We purposefully build our products to incorporate people, accepting that even with the cutting-edge AI used by our products, we will not be able to eliminate humans from the work that we focus on in our business. Thus, we named this concept Combined Intelligence.
Is LegalSifter global?
Yes. LegalSifter has clients and partners headquartered in 17 countries around the world. Many of our clients have operations on multiple continents.
Do you offer unlimited free training for your products?
Yes. All of our products include unlimited free training, offered in live online sessions or through self-paced videos, tutorials,  and documentation available in our 24x7x365 Online Help Center, accessible through our software.
Do you offer unlimited free technical support for your products?
Yes. LegalSifter offers unlimited free technical support from Client Support five (5) days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Time, not including the following USA holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Clients and partners may reach us via chat on, chat within LegalSifter Review, email at, or phone at +1 724-221-7438 (SIFT). LegalSifter offers emergency support on weekends and off-hours. Clients and partners may access at any time self-paced videos and documentation available in our Online Help Center.
What is a Sifter?
A Sifter is a piece of software trained to read text and look for a specific concept. It reads novel language, learns from experience, and improves over time. Our Sifters use machine learning and natural language processing, types of AI, along with a number of other advanced search techniques.
Does your AI use Machine Learning (ML)?
Yes. We use advanced machine learning to keep our Sifters improving.
How accurate are your Sifters?
On average, our Sifters F1 accuracy score is 95%, with our latest Sifters at 97% or higher. We use Precision, Recall, and F1 to measure the performance of our Sifters. For an in-depth look at these metrics and surrounding concepts, read this nice blog entitled, "4 things you need to know about AI: accuracy, precision, recall and F1 scores," from Lawtomated. A Sifter must hit a minimum precision score of 90%, a minimum recall score of 95%, and a minimum F1 of 93% to be published within our products. The average F1 for all of our Sifters is just above 95% and rising (Sifters improve over time). The Sifters coming out of our Sifter Factory in the last year are starting at 97%+. These F1 scores materially outpace human performance. That doesn't mean that the Sifters are "smarter" then people, but it does mean that a collection of Sifters is more likely to accurately classify and analyze contract concepts then a human.
What if you don't have a Sifter for a concept that I need?
Clients and partners may suggest Sifters for our Sifter Library through our Sifter Ideas form or sponsor a Sifter through the Sifter Sponsorship program. We consistently work to accommodate our client and partner requests with new Sifters that meet their needs.
Do Sifters get smarter over time?
Yes. Sifters are consistently improved with the help of Sifter Trainer reports and focused research and development efforts from our Data Science and Content Development teams. When we started in 2013, our Sifters were performing at F1 levels around 90%. Now they exceed 97%. We will continue to improve the performance of our Sifters as our user base grows and our technology advances.
Do Sifters make mistakes?
Yes. Just like people, our Sifters make errors. Clients and team members report Sifter errors through our Sifter Trainer, a feature of both LegalSifter Review and LegalSifter Organize. Once our Content Development team confirms the accuracy of the report, we will retrain the Sifter that made the error within 5-10 business days and release the improved Sifter back into production.
Who are the people reviewing and negotiating my contracts?
Lawyers with contract experience that work for LegalSifter, or with your permission, who work for either a law firm, themselves, or an alternative legal service provider. All services clients work with a designated member of our Sifting Services team who is responsible for ensuring your subscription is successful. 
How fast will you turnaround a contract redline?
Same or next business day. 
How fast will you complete a negotiation?
We will turn our first redline the same or next business day most of the time. Ultimately, the negotiation timeline is a function of the counterparty. 
Will you negotiate the contract for me?
At our client's option, we will conduct one round of negotiation for our clients in an attempt to get the contract ready for signature.

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