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Explore our FAQs to find answers to common questions about our practical and powerful contract management solutions.

Does your AI use Natural Language Processing (NLP)?
Yes. We use the most advanced NLP in our Sifters. The technology, among other things, allows our Sifters to read language that they have never seen before. The ability of Sifters to read novel language is critical in contracts, as most agreements have unique phrasing.
What is the Sifter Library?
The Sifter Library includes a description of the Sifters that are available to our clients today. The Sifter Library is updated weekly.
What is the Sifter Trainer?
Our Sifters continuously improve with crowdsourced feedback from our clients, partners, and team members. Sifter Trainer is a feature of LegalSifter Review for users to report Sifter errors. Once our Content Development team confirms the accuracy of a Sifter Trainer report, we will retrain the Sifter that made the error within 5-10 business days and release the improved Sifter back into production. 
What are Sifter Ideas?
We maintain a Sifter Roadmap that determines which Sifters we will build next. We build the Sifter Roadmap based upon the playbooks that we intend to cover with LegalSifter Review, concepts to be extracted and verified with LegalSifter Organize service, Sifters paid for by clients and partners through our Sifter Sponsorship program, and requests from our clients and partners.
What is the Sifter Sponsorship program?
Clients and partners who want Sifters for concepts uncovered by our Sifter Library may sponsor a Sifter for development. We'll build the Sifter immediately, jumping the line in the Sifter Factory.
How are Sifters improved over time?
We use client and partner contracts to improve the quality of our Sifters for everyone. With more clients, partners, and contracts, we make our Sifters more accurate, faster. Essentially, we chop contracts up into little pieces—words, phrases and sentences—and feed them to our algorithms. If you consent (80% of our clients do), we will use your contracts for Sifter research and development. Under no circumstances will your contracts be disclosed or identifiable to any third party, other than subcontractors involved in Sifter research and development. Without your consent, we will not use your contracts, other than as needed to provide technical support on your account.

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